Independence Harbor
Premiere waterfront condominium and townhouse community located on the Hudson River in Edgewater New Jersey

Independence Harbor amenities

Bicycle Storage RoomBicycle Storage Room

The Independence Harbor bicycle storage room is located in the parking garage directly under Ellery Court.
To store bicycles in the bike storage room, please register with the condo management office
You'll get an ID for your bike and a key to the room. You must provide your own sturdy lock.
The association is not responsible for theft or damages.
Bicycles with more or less than two wheels cannot be accommodated. The room has 24 hour access and is not heated.

  • Available to residents for rent; contact management office at independenceharbor@vzavenue.net, or 201 945 7888.
  • The Clubhouse Great Room may be reserved by a Resident Adult for a private party. reservations should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • The number of guests should not exceed fifty (50) and the party should not go beyond 2AM without the express permission of the Management Office.
  • There is a rental fee of $300.00 for the use of the room and to include normal clean up.
  • A $250.00 security deposit will be required when the reservation is made. The deposit will be refunded, in full, less a charge for any damage or excessive cleaning over and above normal cleaning charge.
  • There should be two separate checks made payable to Independence Harbor 1 Condominium Association.
  • In the event the cost of cleaning of damage exceeds $250.00 the resident will be responsible to pay the difference.
  • Party guests will NOT be permitted in the exercise room. No food or drinks may be brought into the bathroom areas.
  • Reservation of the Clubhouse does NOT entitle the guests use of the swimming pool. For guest policy of the Swimming Pool please see Swimming Pool regulations.
gym and Exercise Roomgym and Exercise Room

The exercise room is located in the clubhouse. The hours of operation are 5 am to 11pm, 7 days per week
The room contains 2 treadmills, 1 stairmaster, 1 elliptical trainer, 1 bike, 1 multi gym and various free weights,weights.

The exercise room is limited to the use of Residents.
No children under age 14 will be permitted to use the exercise room without a parent, responsible adult or guardian in attendance.
No beer, wine or alcoholic beverage is permitted. There will be NO SMOKING permitted.
All exercise equipment shall be put in their proper place after use. Equipment may NOT be removed from the exercise room.
Proper attire must be worn in the exercise room at all times.
Radios may only be used with earphones for individual listening.
Use of the exercise room is at your own risk
Please enter from the rear entrance.

Outdoor Pool & JacuzziOutdoor Pool & Jacuzzi

The pool opens on Memorial Day Weekend and closes on Labor Day

Normal Operating Hours: 10AM - 8:30PM
You may also use the pool between 7:30AM and 10AM at own risk, as there will be no lifeguard present between those times.
Rules and Regulations:

The Use of the Pool is limited to Residents and their ACCOMPANIED Guests.

NO Children under the age of 14 shall be permitted in the pool areas, unless a parent, guardian or other supervising adult is present. Children over the age of 10 may NOT use the children's pool.

Children under the age of 14 are NOT permitted in the whirlpool/jacuzzi at ANY time.

Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool at all times. No cutoffs are allowed.

1. Picture Identification Cards.
EACH resident shall have a picture identification card to be kept on file at the pool. If you do not yet have a card please call the Management Office to get one.

EACH unit shall be entitled to at least two (2) cards. In the event that only one resident , over the age of 18, resides in the unit, a blank picture less identification card may be used to admit ONE guest free of charge but ONLY in the presence of the resident who lives in the unit for which it was issued.

2. Guests
A Guest is ANY individual for whom no picture identification card is on file and who is invited to the pool by a resident. Guest shall be counted on a 'per unit' basis. Residents MUST remain with the guests

Their is a Guest fee of $5.00 per person. On weekdays a maximum of 4 guests per unit are allowed. On weekends and holidays a maximum of 2. A maximum of 2 nonresident children age 5 years or younger per unit are allowed at no fee.

3. The following is not permitted in the pool area:
Beer, wine, alcoholic beverages, animals (with the exception of Seeing Eye Dogs), glass containers, food, eating of any kind. Running, pushing, shouting, ball playing, roughness, rowdyism, unnecessary splashing, spitting, or other conduct affecting the safety and comfort of others. Bathing during an electrical storm or severe thunderstorm. Radios can only be used with earphones for individual listening.

4. Lounge chairs cannot be reserved and are available on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that the pool and pool activities are under the direct supervision and control of the pool manager and lifeguards. Unit owners and their guests will be required to leave if their action are perceived to represent a safety threat to themselves or others.

Pets Pooch ParkPets/Pooch Park

The pet and pooch park is located between the Pool House and the Tennis Courts
Rules and Regulations:

No aggressive pets at the park

Each unit is allowed no more than two (2) cats or dogs.

No animals or reptile of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in any Unit, except that dogs (other than trained attack dogs, or other policing dogs) and cats, provided however they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.

Pet owners are responsible for any damage to Common Elements or private property and for injury or disturbances their pets may cause or inflict.

Pet Owners are responsible for assuring that their pets do not make or cause noises disturbing any other resident.

Pets MUST be carried or leashed AT ALL TIMES when in common areas.

Pets MAY NOT be placed, leashed or enclosed on terraces or patios without their owners present.

Pets are prohibited from amenity areas, pool, pool area; tennis courts, recreation center or any grassed landscaped areas.

Pets MUST be taken into the street. They are not to be walked on the sidewalks or lawns with the EXCEPTION of the lawns on grade level along the North and South ends.

They MUST be walked in the pine trees along the exterior of the garage perimeter.

Pet owners MUST carry appropriate means by which to clean up after their dog whenever the pet is walked through or on ANY common area. FAILURE TO CARRY SUCH AN ITEM SHALL BE DEEMED A FINABLE VIOLATION OF THIS RULE.

If your pet should have an accident in the lobby, elevator, garage or other public area, in spite of your best efforts to prevent this, the pet owner shall clean up the soiled area immediately. This is a responsibility of pet owners, NOT building maintenance.

In each instance in which a Resident is in potential violation of Pet rules, a determination shall be made to ascertain whether a finable violation has occurred. The factors used to make this determination include, but are not limited to, the cooperativeness and attitude of the pet owner with respect to the incident, whether the incident appears to be an isolated event or appears to be a continuing pattern, and whether there is a valid reason for the occurrence (for example, the pet is ill).

childrens Playgroundchildren's Playground

Located near the pool and clubhouse the playground was built in 2001 and is designed for children's use only.


Please do not allow your pets into the playground

Storage Lockers

Location: Parking garage
Costs: $180.00 security deposit & $30 per month
Register with the condominium office for a storage locker.

Tennis CourtsTennis Courts

The tennis court hours are 8AM-11PM. The lights will go off automatically at 11PM
Opens : April 1st
Closes : October 31st
Rules and Regulations:

Use of the tennis courts is limited to Residents and their accompanied guests. Residents MUST be present with their guests. At least one person on each court must be an Independence Harbor Resident.

No beer, wine, alcoholic beverages, glass containers or food will be permitted on the tennis courts. No chairs, furniture, pets or baby carriages should be brought onto the courts. Smoking is prohibited.

Tennis lessons shall not be given to non-residents at any time.

Residents MUST limit their court time to one hour ONLY.

Residents can reserve their court time within a 48-hour period by signing up on the Community Bulletin Board located in the clubhouse.

Proper attire, to include tennis sneakers MUST be worn on the courts at ALL times.

Use of the tennis courts is at your own risk.

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